Hyundai i40 | Photos, engine and price

Hyundai i40

The new Hyundai i40 is a midsize sedan, available in 5-door version and a variant called i40 sport wagon. These versions incorporate the same engines and trim levels, differing only in the capacity of its trunk. Is located one step above the hyundai i35 and aims to replace the current Hyundai Sonata.


Regarding the design of the Hyundai i40, it adopts the guidelines set by the new Hyundai ix35 SUV, with front and rear very well resolved. The design is completed with an interior very technological and uses good materials for its price range. So is this Hyundai i40, a very good alternative in the medium saloon segment.


The Hyundai i40 is a car that we can choose a 4-door body or relative (then with i40 CW). This model seeks to fill the gap left by the Sonata, within the range Hyundai- we must remember that this last model marketed stopped in 2010 - . Since last July we have the station wagon model, and from the month of November, we will have a sedan.


For the moment, we only know the price of the family model , which will cost from 26 790 €. Note that there are price differences between less equipped version and the two that follow, not only because it is less equipped, but the former pay less tax (because CO2 emissions are lower thanks to its system of stopping and starting motor in detections, which do not have the other two versions.


The model with four-door body measures 4.77 meters long and 4.77 measured family. Both have the same width (1.81 meters), height (1, 47 meters) and battle (with 2.77 meters). It is much larger than the i30 (4.28 meters), but a little smaller than the Sonata (with its 4.80 meters).


There are two petrol engines 1.6 GDI GDI 135 hp and 177 hp 2.0 - and two Diesel -1, 7 CRDi 115 or 136 hp) . Each and every one of the versions has a series gearbox with six speeds, although the two variants that have more power, you can buy a hitch, which has the same number of relationships.


The i40 2.0 GDI 177 hp has an average consumption of 6.8 l / 100 km. The i40 1.7 CRDi 115 hp, also, you can get a start- stop system of the engine ("ISG") in the arrests. This variant is characterized by a consumption of 4.3L / 100 km. It is fairly low fuel consumption. The trunk of the i40 CW has 533 L volume. The backs of the rear seats can be folded, so that the load capacity can reach 1719 liters.


It's a pretty big trunk , if we consider the capacity of most of the cars is 603 liters. The 4-door i40 model has 503 liters of capacity . In addition , the gate of the boot has 3 openings and closing.