Hyundai i-flow hybrid technology | emissions, engine and consumption

Hyundai i-flow

The Hyundai i -flow is the prototype of deriving the new Hyundai i40. This prototype has a very sporty in their external features. Its design allows a 5-door body, one aspect of style coupe Mercedes CLS.


This prototype was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show 2010, and equips a 1.7l diesel hybrid engine mated to a dual-clutch shift 6-speed.


The Hyundai i -flow measures 4.78 meters long, 1.85 meters wide and only 1.4 m high. It is a concept version, and therefore in principle is only a prototype as a general rule will never see the light. In any case gives some interesting clues about the course you can take the manufacturer with its upcoming models. A pity that many of these experimental vehicles from reaching the market , most have a very futuristic lines and use technologies that offer reduced fuel consumption fuel.