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Hyundai i40 Photos

On the internet, we find many photos that show the features of the new model Hyundai, tourism we can find a 4-door body or relative. This car aims to cover the market share left by the Sonata, marketed left last year 2010. For now, we only have the price for the family model, which will be 26,790 €.


The 4-door model has 4.74 meters high and 2.77 meters of battle. We found a number of items of standard equipment, which we find in other Hyundai models and other sedans, which have characteristics similar to those of the Hyundai i40 , such as : adjustable rear seatbacks tilt or front and rear and heated steering wheel . Even the driver and front passenger have ventilation, if we want. Another very interesting system, we can find, is to alert involuntary change lanes, a device that helps the car park, rear camera to assist parking upon, or electric parking brake. Also, will have nine airbags - even brings the novelty of having one in the driver's knee - , stability control, xenon headlights with daytime lighting or start assist, downhill.


Depending on the version, we will meet with alloy wheels of 16, 17 or 18 inches. Hyundai expects 65 % of sales of this model are in the category Diesel. This model has been designed in Russelsheim, Germany. Also, we have "trusted Plan triple 5", which is a guarantee for five years , without limit of kilometers "preventive control" for five years and five years of roadside assistance.

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Hyundai i40 photos
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